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Blue Sage

Fearless Blend Essential Oil Roller

Fearless Blend Essential Oil Roller

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FEARLESS | 10 ml Roller | 100% pure & cruelty free

Notes | Top: Floral + Spicy | Mid: Fresh + Soothing | Base: Woodsy + Balsamic Ingredients: 7.5 % EO Dilution in Cocos Nucifera Oil Essential oils: Black Spruce Frankincense Ho Wood Geranium Chamomile

This blend of oils is designed to give you that boost of self-confidence and sense of reassurance to get you through anxious days and scenarios that take you out of your comfort zone! Sometimes all you need to face your fears, is a little moment of calming and grounding to remind you who you are. You got this!

-Rub onto your wrists and temples, take a deep breath, and say this out loud: " I am Fearless, not because I don't feel fear, but because I am brave enough to feel the fear and move through it. I am safe, I can trust myself. " ... if that's not your jam, just rub it all over, look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself what a bada** you are... whatever works for ya!

Bottle: Amber Glass, Steel Roller, Black Cap

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